Aekaitz Helicias
( Ay-Katez Hel-ee-see-ahz )
100 DRAG, 100 DCRA, 100 LSH, 100 DCRS

Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Age: Ancient

Occupation: Guild Master
Alignment: Lunus
Status: Alive

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Spouse: N/A
Sibling(s): Kaneq Inkfrost (Estranged), Rhubine Helicias, Synchronai Helicias, Avarance Tsnuamii
Child(ren): N/A

"If love is a labor, I'll slave 'til the end."- Rise Against, "Swing Life Away"

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aekaitz is a tall female Ancient dragon, with a moderately plump build and stringy, lithe muscle structure. Her scales are medium grey, resembling a sky full of hazy storm clouds. Her chest plates are a darker charcoal color, simple but effective in their protection of her vulnerable areas. She has generous, swirly white horns and deep navy blue striped markings that follow her face, down her back and sides, and down her tail. Her wings are striped as well, but fade into navy blue at the very ends. Instead of fins, she has a long, charcoal grey mane starting at her head and cheeks, down her back and dorsal area, and down her tail. At the tip of her tail is a puff of charcoal fur. Her eyes are earthy green.

Appearance Fun Facts

- The navy blue stripes along her body crackle to life with blue lightning as a natural, subconscious mechanism when fighting. This effect can be called upon at any time she pleases, however.

- Her horns appear to consist of pure white opal, and while they are not actually composed of the gem, it is something she takes pride in.

- There is a small, thin crescent-shaped growth on her right paw that appears to be composed of the same material and color as her horns. It grew back when she tried to rip it off as a hatchling (not to mention it hurt), so she just considers it an unchangeable part of herself now. She sometimes likes to think it aids in making her magical ability more potent.


Aekaitz is an overall level-headed, calm type of dragon who prefers to avoid confrontation diplomatically rather than engage in it. She does not run from a fight if one occurs, however, and intends to finish on top every time. She tends to have a realistic view on most situations and tried to be as non-biased and neutral as possible. Aek has an explosive, fiery sense of humor, and has an affinity for chuckling a bit too hard at dark humor. She absolutely loves her friends and considers her time best spent laughing and hanging out with them, to the deepest hours of the nights. She is fiercely loyal to her guild and closest friends/allies, but does have a bad habit of holding grudges and anger for far too long. She takes pride in her work ethic and responsibility and is an avid crafter. While she may be a bit disorganized and forgetful (read: very disorganized and forgetful), she tries her best to never let anyone down and please everyone's needs around her.

Aek is slow to anger, but when she is set off, she has a cold, seething rage that does not get quenched until she feels justice is served. She can err on the petty side and have an inner urge to get even, but she tries her hardest to be just and merciful in an altercation.

She is a hopeless romantic and gets desperately lost in the idea of love.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Romance, food, rain/thunderstorms, defeating blight anchors, lairshaping, lava baths, hanging around Dralk with friends

Dislikes: Being mislead, being confused, overbearing/bossy personalities, making mistakes, overly hot/muggy weather

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Creativity, passion in her craft/job, strong melee fighter, lightning/storm based magic, loyalty

Weaknesses: Anxiety, depression, forgetfulness/disorganization, lack of confidence, poor spellcasting knowledge



Aekaitz, born to the Helicias family, is the only biological child of her parents. Her siblings were all adopted by the kindly dragon couple, whose names are lost in the vortex of time now. Aek and her siblings were separated from their parents at a young age, while all were still hatchlings.

Born with a very strong connection to thunderstorms and lightning, Aek's first (and most potent, to this day) breath power was Breath of Lightning. Her parents were both storm-based dragons as well, and aligned with the scholarly teachings of Helian, and she was trained from a young age to love and appreciate storms rather than cower away from them. Her storm magic was trained to be very strong from very young. This is the only magic she learned before she was separated from her parents. All other magic is very foreign to her.

The first sibling to be adopted was the ice dragonling Kaneq, who was also given the family's surname at the time. Found orphaned far south of Kirasanct, she was around the same age as Aekaitz, and the two of them grew up very close. A year later came Rhubine and Synchronai, both natural fire dragonlings, who appeared to be siblings, as their colors were similar and they were found together huddled in a small lava pool far west of Dralk. Avarance Tsnuamii, a water aligned dragoness, was found shortly after. She is the only other sibling who isn't estranged yet uses a different last name from the other three Helicias. All of these hatchlings' biological parents were never found.

Once separated from their parents, the little Helicias clan searched for months for them. Kaneq was the first to become restless, wondering why they were expending so much effort on a pair who, while kind and loving, were probably dead from some battle with the things called the Withered Aegis. She was also apparently frustrated with the fact that she was the only ice dragon and clearly different from the others. She eventually blew up, flying into a rage at the group of hatchlings and convincing her closest sibling, Aek, to run away on their own. Kaneq then dropped the Helicias surname and became Kaneq Inkfrost, and Aekaitz adopted a self-imposed title as her surname, Aekaitz the Ethereal Thunder.


Aekaitz and Kaneq on their journey to adulthood.

Kaneq and Aekaitz did their Rites together, Kaneq becoming very angry and cold and choosing Lunus out of these feelings. Aekaitz was not very good at spellcasting other than her own storm affinity, so she chose Lunus as well, becoming a renowned fighter with her teeth and claws. The two ascended to adulthood together on the Peak of Storms, and began traveling Istaria together, fighting their way through the Aegis and gaining experience as they went. Both were forever changed by the assumption that the Blight had taken their loving family from them, and vowed to never let the Withered Aegis take anything else from them. This is what sprouted Aekaitz' malicious love for destroying Blight Anchors.

Aek eventually became separated from Kaneq, who disappeared one night while she was asleep. The ice dragoness had slowly descended and disappeared into her bitter internal rage, becoming but a shell of her former self. While deeply hurt, Aekaitz decided that Kaneq needed to find herself again and needed the time alone. Aekaitz spent centuries alone, training and becoming a deadly warrior and a great help to the empires of Istaria. She rose in social status rapidly. With the eyes of the empires upon her, she completed her Ancient rites and ascended to the hallowed height of Ancient. In her maturity, over time, she became upset with the attention, and went into hiding for a long time. Time forgot her first name, and she became known as The Ethereal Thunder, her image engraved into the minds of Istaria as the dragoness who harnesses the power of the storms.

Lonely of her hermit life, Aekaitz decided to locate and return to her once beloved siblings. The remainder of the torn family, to her surprise and relief, had stayed together more or less. Once reunited, Aekaitz re-adopted her former surname and became Aekaitz Helicias once more, but took Ethereal Thunder and created a guild, where the values strikingly similar to her parents. She treats her guild members like family, as if she has adopted them under her own wing. While her status as a Guild Master again throws her into the limelight, her age and experience has taught her not to fear this, and she lives with a peace of mind she had not found until then.

She hopes one day her estranged sister Kaneq will return to her.


- To be continued...

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