( Ah-rinn-lah )

Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Age: young

Occupation: Spellcaster
Alignment: Neutral Good
Status: Unknown

Relatives unknown.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A small, green female with faint white speckles across her hide. Unlike most dragons, Aerinla's scales are small and fine, much like a sslik's, acting as a protective covering but not much more. She wears a protective set of armor scales, engraved with runes to boost her power for casting, and dyed a shade of green to match her natural coloring.

Though a hatchling still, she is already visibly slender, lacking the muscle a fighting dragon has, having focused more on her casting. Her claws are well maintained and frills properly groomed each day. Modest sized earfins adorn her head, sometimes a looted ring slipped onto a tip to see how it looks.


Considered a "mother" type figure, yet is shy and timid around groups bigger then four members. Once she gets to know someone, she begins to worry of their well being and will begin scolding careless actions, fearful they injure themselves.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Astrynox, Nithin, Steryna, her Eostre beetle

Dislikes: Aegis, fighting among friends, being forced to fight with her claws, getting covered in dirt

Strengths & Weaknesses



As with most hatchlings arriving in Skalkaar, she has no memory of her past life, and seems blissfully unaware anything or anyone may be connected to her. She Spoke with Spitfyre, started and completed her training, and left for New Trismus. While there, she briefly met an ancient named Kieravie, who gifted her some spells, coin and hoard, along with some advice for spellcasting. She planned to meet the ancient again and learn what she could, but could never find them again.

After a time, she took a break in her training, flopping herself onto the shaded cobblestones in the main square, where she met Steryna. At Stery's suggestion, the two agreed to work together towards achieving their wings; they are soon joined by Nithin and Astrynox on their journey.

Ongoing StoryEdit

Together with her friends, Aerinla completed her Helian Rites and ascended to adult, in a little grove at Pleasant Canyon. Immediately following this, they acquired their khutit forms and the ability to breathe ice on their foes.

Aeri is a lot quieter, if that is possible, then she was as a hatchie, unsure just how well she fits in with such an outgoing group. While they rest from their previous adventures and do their own things, she spends her time wondering and perfecting her control over her new size.