Crystals Spirt

Gender: Female
Race: Hybrid Gem Feather Dragon
Age: 19

Occupation: Collecting Gems
Alignment: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sibling(s): Sister: Moonstrike Sister: Myrania
Child(ren): None

Physical Appearance Edit

Crystal is known to be a Hybrid of Gem Dragon. Having both scales and feathers as her appearance, mostly over her wings and main body. The colors combinate as Light Purple with a shimmer of highlights of an opal glow. As her wing feathers,claws and tail fade out to a lighter shade. She's also known to have feathered ears instead of fins, and no mane or scales at her back. Feathers as shown at her end tail, giving an advantage to let her fly in many directions as she pleases. Her weight is light, giving that she's a Dwarf dragon and half sized as normal breeds, while her wings spread out most her mass it is easy for her to lift.

Personality Edit

Crystal is seemly to be a quite shy sometimes, given that she loves to lone herself to her desires and enjoy herself preening or either exploring the wonders of the outside world. She mostly loves to craft as instead of adventuring into the wilds of evil and good. Collecting gems as her hobby and hoarding them until she can, a habit of having herself to fight Golems as more often than any other monster in the world of Istaria and claim what dragons do most.

Likes: Her favorite desire is to hoard the most shiniest things as well to go out and hunt for them in mysterious caves, as to collecting Crystals to hoard into her lair. She is fond of catching fish near ponds and loves to rest aside greenery. She has a thing for sparkling objects to!

Dislikes: Seeing to know that adventuring can be tough, she's commonly known to hate risking herself in the dangers of the Istarian world. Risking her life is the least she desires, as though a helping hand for younglings she kindly would agree to give a land in hand in journeys. She also gets startled easily, having a little hate on things that gives her a fright.

Fears: Creepy crawlies and anything with more than six legs. She hates the smell of dead.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Ability to fly in a good proportion and claw anything that gets in her way. Seeming to fight alone she holds great strength to keep herself alive. She has the abilities to obtain relations with Naka and study their magics. She can manage to fit through spaces of that a normal size can't.

Her weaknesses include the strength to have comfort around many dragon's or dragon's that are taller than her. She keeps her pride up to show of a intelligent figure rather than strength. Her ability to not obtain a like in Blight or dead. She has a weakness against dark magics.

Biography Edit

(Soon to be written)

Trivia Edit

  • She keeps herself to sparkle a reflection of her scales to set appearance