Darastrrix Pearl
( D-are-a-st-r-ix )
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"You know who I am, you don't know where I am, and you'll never see me comin..."

Gender: Female
Race: Dragon:Savagejaw
Age: Ancient

Occupation: Unknown
Alignment: Lunus
Status: Alive

Mother: Istaria: None Story: ...
Father: Istaria: None Story: ...
Spouse: Brutusius Felltorn
Sibling(s): Sebogas, Ruind
Child(ren): Cozette, Ravendeath, Princeyugi, Volum, Miyadere, Veiryxus, Syndycate, Vordak

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Darastrrix is very smart and quick to think, but is also very sensitive to her past. She carries a lot of rage and hatred. Likes





(This is supposed to be many years before the modern Istaria, and more of a spin off. None of it is really connected to the real history.)

World History Edit

Long ago, near the beginning of time there was a world of peace.


Darastrrix was found abandoned when she was very young, and was raised by a young dragon named Kumere. When he found her alone and hurt, he decided he would teach her everything he knew about survival, defense, and even flight. Her years with Kumere were the most valuable, the most remembered... and yet a very short part of her history. Kumere was taken from her and Dara was left on the island to fend for herself. Out of grief, she became bitter and mean, swearing to kill those who took her guardian away from her. Problem was she didn't know who did it.

One day as she was hunting on the mainland a young drake ran into her, literally. Brutusius had run away from home, after an argument with his mother. He decided he was going to be more independent... by running out on his own. Dara laughed at his silly quest and told him he wouldn't last a day out in the wilderness. Which she was right. Brutus went out on his own to prove Dara and his mother wrong, but instead he ran into a massive Treant, which Dara saved him from. She walked away with torn wings but earned a friend. Brutusius had taken her back to his home to help her wings to heal. A spark had started within her heart. She hadn't felt this much love since her beloved Kumere had passed and she didn't want it to end. But sadly her fate had not been set that way. She had been training with Brutus as the years had progressed. Dara was old enough when Kumere passed to go through Right of Passage, to be accepted into the dragon community, but she never had the chance. Brutus' family decided it would be be a good idea for her to do it with Brutus, but on one of their missions, everything went wrong. Reklar had been searching for savagejaw's for their vicious and vigorious nature. Brutus was taken captive... believing he was dead, Dara did not dare go back to his family, fearing they would blame her for what happened. She flew far away, never completing her Rite of Passage, and truing to anger, violence and rage. It was at this point she believed she wasn't supposed to be loved in this life, so she accepted her nature to hate.

As the years passed on Dara was known throughout Istaria as Savagefang. She killed for her own benefit and frankly just for fun.

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