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A lazy hatchling on an ongoing quest for tasty gnomes.
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Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Age: Older hatchling

Occupation: Gifted; Adventurer
Alignment: Lunus
Status: Alive

Mother: Seastorm; AndrixX

Physical Appearance Edit

Upon first glance, Golly is a typical looking hatchling whose body does not age naturally due to the nature of her Gift. Her scales are all obsidian save for the light gray decal that marks her body with stripes that flow freely from head to toe. Her underbelly is adorned with tough plates a color that resembles her base color.

Her horns stretch outward until it curves downward near the end - a beige color which dirt blatantly cling to the smooth surface. Her claws are the same color. Her teeth and claws both equally stained with the evidence of combat through tooth and claw.

The top of her head, her spine, and tail has grown to accept the abundance of fur. Her dark mane is all shaggy and unkempt from the lack of care. Even where cheek fins or horns would be would be the shorter length of fur.

Her eyes are blue with slits for pupils; large and always sparkling.

Personality Edit

Likes & Dislikes

+ Cute

- Lazy

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Stronk

- Bad memes

Story Edit

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  • Herp
  • Derp

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