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==Physical Appearance== Lydia star is an ancient dragon that is grey and has darker blue swirls. She had grey chest plates and has a fin head and blue galaxy eyes.

==Personality== Lydia is kind and is helpful to anyone who asks her for help. Although when someone annoys her,she can get a little irritated . All in all she is a very friendly ancient dragon.

Likes & Dislikes Lydia likes chocolate and a good ole steak.

Strengths & Weaknesses She loves to help our others and is a very seasoned fighter. Weaknesses are resisting to help out others.

==Story== Lydia star was a loner in her earlier years not knowing where she came from, much later Willowshine adopted her and took her into the family. Although not knowing exactly where she came from, she can guess that she came from the tundras on trandalar near the northern deadlands.

===Biography=== Lydia is an ancient dragon. She is formally from the guild The Knowledge Givers and is now a proud member of Casual_heros.

Ongoing StoryEdit