ShadowTalons Doom Edit

ShadowTalons Doom

Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Age: 17

Occupation: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown
Status: Alive

Mother: None
Father: None
Spouse: None
Sibling(s): EbonyRose, ArcticSky. Lyune, Mefisuto
Child(ren): None

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has smoth black scales, red chest plates, 2 sets of large horns, a slightly crooked mouth, and black zebra stripe decal. Even though he is a helian dragon, he enjoys melee rather than spell casting. He looks rather skinny, but that wont wont stop him from destroying his most hated opponents.


Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: the withered aegis

Likes: His friends and family, sleeping, fooling around

Strengths & Weaknesses



ShadowTalons was born upon a distant lair on the day when New Trismus was under attack by the blight. Two warrior dragons had to escort him from away any harm at all costs. But, Little did he know if they were his parents, or if it was just a vision. One day, Shadow found himself on a distant island called skalkaar. He did not know why or when he arrived. He went to explore the island, then met up with a dragon named, spitfyre. Spitfyre tells shadow that he was born gifted. Shadow did not know what that meant. so, spitfyre explained who the gifted was and what their purpose is. He then told shadow about the Rite of Passage and what was needed to achieve it. Shadow was interested and had to find out what the Rite of Passage would be like for him in the future. He started his training on the island of skalkaar, until he felt strong enough to move on to visiting new trismus. After the blight raid, the city was burned to the ground, even the shrine was no longer functional. Shadow wanted to know how the attack started and when it ended. But, he was still too young to worry about that, he had to inprove his combat and crafting skills, And see if he really is part of the gifted.

Ongoing StoryEdit

As of today, ShadowTalons is a strong and mighty helian adult dragon. He continues training every day to become stronger and stronger, making lots of friends throughout his big journey to ancienthood. He owns a lair that is located in Mala, where he rests until the next time he has to fight.


ShadowTalons was born on the city under seige

ShadowTalons originally did have a mother and a father, but they unfortunately died during the raid. he then eventually got adopted by another ancient.