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Gender: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: N/A

Occupation: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Relatives unknown.

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Often she is seen as a grey dragoness with bright green stripes, where she is normally a silver color with the stripes. The scales have a iridescent shine to them when her mood is high, and are dull grey when it is low, the stripes remaining bright regardless. In the blighted deadlands of Istaria, her coloring takes on the appearance of a blighted dragoness.

Slim and built for land speed, as a hatchling she was able to outrun most adults and ancients, a trait she retains as an ancient herself. Her scales are teched to enhance both her dexterity in a fight and her ability to move across most terrain with ease.

(Old info, will be relevant again one day:

While her land speed is quite speedy, her flight speed is lacking, wings built more for endurance then velocity. Her wings are just about average length with a wider membrane to better catch the air and remain aloft longer between wingbeats. A comment from an elder at her adult ascension had her working her wing strength in order to avoid her wings falling off from flying too much.)


Likes & Dislikes

Strengths & Weaknesses



Previously an ancient, her past is full of troubling memories she could no longer deal with. As being gifted denies one a release from such pains, her mate agreed to assist her in being 'reborn'. All past memories are kept within crystals/gems and guarded by Tonturri.

Silverth has been given a chance to relive her hatchlinghood, the little silver exploring the lands once again with new eyes.

Ongoing StoryEdit

Currently part of Istara's Chosen, a guild full of familiar faces she just can't place, but that she knows are good faces. She flops across the paws of those she feels comfortable with, a gold drake or green dragoness, but quite often turns to Tonturri for the best naps. (he's a built-in heating rock)