The Clearing
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In-Game Location: Dalimond Peninsula
Owner: Public Grounds


The clearing is the vague general location of the official role-play channel. When a specific place isn't mentioned, the RP channel defaults to here.

The clearing is a wide clearing of trees within a forest presumably somewhere in the Dalimond Peninsula. Within this clearing is a lake deep enough for ancients to swim in and populated with schools of freshwater fish. During the Hours of Frost winter event, this lake froze over, proving to be a hazard to anyone entering the clearing.

Despite being in the relative middle of nowhere, the clearing has become quite a hotspot for meeting up with others in the world away from busy cities and towns. It is generally assumed most characters know the location of the clearing.

Notable EventsEdit

Many notable events have happened here, but none have happened in recent enough memory to be detailed without reference material.


  • It is likely this has been the default location of the RP channel for most of the game's existence.
  • The clearing's overall appearance isn't ever static and occasionally props are added by others for the sake of role-play, such as a rock ledge or turtles in the pond.